Water softener not drawing brine

tank. This is the most common failure on a water softener. Check the drain line flow, and run for 5 minutes or until the water runs clear. A. The water softener system returns to water softening service after fast rinse. I pulled up on the small black tube and pulled out the valve assembly that includes a styrofoam float. Our water is very hard and full of iron. The water lifts the air-check ball off seat and fills the brine tank to a pre-determined level based on time. A water softener strips your water of the minerals that make it “hard” (i. com Fleck 5600 Softener Installation & Start‐Up Guide Thank you for purchasing a Clean Water System! With proper installation and a little routine maintenance your system will be providing filtered water for many years. The media inside the resin tank may also have become disturbed during shipping. Each gallon of water will dissolve three pounds of salt. Check the drain line flow, and run for five minutes or until the water runs clear. Ensure the unit is drawing water from the brine tank (this step may need to be repeated). 7 Fleck 3/4” Turbine Meter brine valve, plug Not Shown:. B. Ensure water goes into the brine tank at the desired rate. com Fleck 2510 Softener Installation & Start‐Up Guide Thank you for purchasing a Clean Water System! With proper installation and a little routine maintenance your system will be providing filtered water for many years. Resources and Links. Position the valve to the rapid rinse position. 7. Remove control box cover. Add water untilthere is approximately 1" (25 mm) of water above the grid plate. Check salt usage and salt setting Excessive water in brine See problem 7. These are all definitely the types of key aspects and functions of a water softener that one would reasonably expect to be addressed by the standard. Water Softener Not Working Properly Support & Troubleshooting Information Troubleshooting Tips for Kinetico Water Softeners & Drinking Water Systems. Brine rinse starts once all the water is drawn from the brine tank even though the valve has not changed positions. Trying to fix a kenmore water softener. Run water through softener with control in service position for at least three (3) minutes to settle bed. Carefully pound it into the salt and the pellets will collapse. Incoming water flows into the control valve and is directed down through the ion exchange softening resin. The softener continues in the Fast Rinse at the same time it is in the Refill Cycle. Position the valve to the start of the brine tank fill cycle. Our brine tanks are available in a variety of sizes for both residential and commercial use. I had temporarily hooked up the water softener outside during the summer and it was so hot sometimes I could not cool the water down enough to shower! My plan was to figure out a way to put in 2 larger filters and softener, (filter, softener, filter) in basement. The following procedure will help re-position the media, sanitize, flush and condition your water softener: In addition to these two types of water softeners, there are water softeners that remove iron from your well or community water. The process by which an ion exchanger (like a water softener) renews its ability to do its job. Check the display. This twin tank water softener provides 24/7 soft water luxury in a low cost, high-tech Noryl® plastic. cleanwaterstore. I have already cleaned the eductor system carefully, have had that be the issue before, quite familiar with this, cleaned all that up last weekend to include the filter and even it's housing - but it seems to not pull a full charge of brine lately. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Our Fleck 5600SXT On Demand metered digital water softener is packed with all of the top available features with the simplest mechanical design at one low price. The drain line flow control is clogged with debris - the control needs to be cleaned out to make sure the water softener will drain quickly enough to draw brine. Connect the brine line from the brine tank to the valve. No. A salt bridge can be broken up using a broom handle or similar rod. RINSE: Water passes through the media in a downward direction rinsing the excess sodium. 2. Well it's acting up again. A water softener has a day tank where salt is combined with water before it is drawn into the water softener. Please Note: Digital systems only With the brine tank empty the system will not draw water out of the brine tank during the brine draw cycle. normally salt brine. Did not even have to turn the water off to the unit. At this point, also, the water quality is not as soft and slippery as the first time I bought the conditioner. 5. So, if you need a very strong water softener to reduce the hard water, it is not advisable to choose this type of system. Salt is what regenerates the ion resins of a softener. My water softener (which is critical where I live) is on the fritz - it's a Kenmore, approximately 8 years old. STEP 14: Fill the brine tank with water softener salt. Water Softener: Brine tank not emptying. . 1/2 hour may not be enough. 8. It is also know as rapid rinse or It recycles based on water useage, not time. In the case of the softener, a strong brine solution is passed through the resin bed and sodium is exchanged for calcium and magnesium. If the water level doesn't go down the nozzle/venturi is not drawing. In addition to salt reduction, Brine Reclaim reduces water consumption and contributes to annual cost savings. 4. After diagnosing and correcting the fact I had a very hard and hidden salt bridge that was keeping it from working right, I now am stumped. This way, water will bypass the softener for a short period of time so that cleaning can be done. It should show the time of the day and should not be flashing. Troubleshooting your water softener system: There are a number of things you can do to check your system before you call Plumbing Professors®. The entire water softener might be disconnected from your water supply, but also check to see if the brine tank is connected to the water softener. This time the resin tank split and the beads came out into the saline tank. Because every time I put raw water in just a few inches below the topmost salt block, the next morning the water level goes down to where the brine well slits or openings are and that is it. New Filter and Water Softener Install. Ensure the unit is drawing water from the brine tank (this t0. Inlet is on the right when facing the front on the unit. 2 • FLECK 2815 Control Valve Service Manual TABLE OF CONTENTS the unit is drawing water from the brine tank. If your softener is not softening your water, check the following: There Is No Power In The Unit. The water treatment system will depressurize upon opening a tap in the building . With a highly efficient water softener from Whirlpool ® brand, you'll also use less soap and save time spent rewashing spotted dishes and glassware. With some basic care, your water softener can provide these benefits for 20 years or more, trouble-free. This allows the resin to be reused many times. ” Water softeners have three main components: A mineral tank, brine tank, and control valve. That was probably more confusing than help, but glad to hear you got it taken care of. INSTRUCTIONS . TO PLACE THE EQUIPMENT UNDER WARRANTY, THE WARRANTY REGISTRATION CARD MUST BE COMPLETED AND RETURNED BY THE ORIGINAL OWNER TO Go Green and Recycle Your Water with a Hellenbrand Water Management System “Patent Pending” • Reclaim approximately 65% of the regeneration water from your water softener and use it to flush your toilets and/or urinals. A water softener removes minerals from water; that means cleaner laundry, a longer life for water-using appliances, less mineral buildup on plumbing fixtures and lots of other benefits. To order a part, please contact our Technical Support Department toll-free at 1-800-437-8993. Check to see that the 24 volt power transformer is plugged into wall outlet. . when How to Diagnose & Fix a Water Softener that Is Not Working Properly - How to diagnose water softener operation problems White mineral crud left on water fixtures Steps to Get a Water Softener Working & Confirm that It Works Correctly Too Much Water in the Brine Tank - Diagnosis and Cure Water Softener Keep Running Longer Than it Should Questions & answers about how to diagnose water softener If the brine tank on your Fleck 5600SXT-based softener isn't being drained during the regeneration of your softener, two things will happen: Your softener won't regenerate properly and your water will be hard; Your brine tank will fill with water over time, until the safety float is engaged Fleck 5600sxt will not draw brine, technician is scratching is head! Help! Discussion in ' Water Softener Forum, Questions and Answers ' started by JM1010 , Jan 12, 2018 . The NS3 Pelican NaturSoft Salt Free Water Softener The NS3 Pelican NaturSoft Salt Free Water Softener System is the premium maintenance-free no-salt water softener and conditioner certified for 99. FLECK 5600SXT METER WATER SOFTENER SYSTEMS • Next, locate the brine well, and remove the cap as shown in Figure 14 on If you came from a home without a water softener, then this reaction is understandable. Water Softeners. Commercial Water Softener Systems Removal of calcium and magnesium compounds in water (limestone hardness) eliminates scaling in piping, process equipment, and heat exchange systems as well as greatly improving the effectiveness of cleaning and rinsing processes. The test With a clean bucket or hose, pour clean water (filtered water is best) into the brine tank. To understand the water softener's regeneration process, you first have to find out what are the different parts and how they work. My water softener was not drawing sufficient brine during the cleaning cycle and the salt tank would fill with water over a few weeks. I have a Fleck 2850 head on my softener. However, the stability of the water is altered due to the removal of calcium and magnesium and an increase in dissolved solids. It also makes your home easy to clean by reducing hard-water build-up. water softener does not draw brine. Fleck 5600 SXT Water Softener – Classic Design, Timeless Operation. Resin. The brine solution is used to regenerate (renew) the resin in the softener tank. e. If your softener only has one resin tank, the boiler will be supplied with hard water during the regeneration process. The filter is not part of the softener and was probably designed to filter the water of specific containment not taken care of by the softener. Hard water is any water supply that contains excess minerals or metals, such as calcium and magnesium. This can be determined easily if you check the drain flow during brine draw. Brine tanks store the brine mixture rinse for your water softener and allowing the salt to dissolve better that salt on the bottom of your tank. You can add more water until the water level is about 1" above the platform (exact height is not critical. We had Culligan out 2 years ago to repair the head and "clean" the resin for about $600. Unit used too much salt Improper salt setting. If the water level in the brine tank is suddenly higher than it used to be it sounds like the softener isn’t drawing brine like it’s supposed to. So we thought it would be helpful to tackle a few of the commonly asked questions associated with maintaining a brine tank (the plastic tank that sits next to a water softener). Put salt in the brine tank. I have had this issue with other fleck 2850's so I have done the usual checks. Hard water doesn't dissolve soap and detergent very well and leaves behind scales, which stain toilets and sinks. the unit is drawing water from the brine tank (this step may need to be repeated). 15348. They differ from water softeners in a number of ways. com Community Forums. 3 My Softener is using too much Salt 3. Brine Tank Fill — Drive shaft out but brine cam holds brine valve stem in. this drawing the sole property of crystal quest. For the #68 (and newer #88) pour approx. Disconnect hose from Venturi and there should be a suction or vacuum but water flows out? Any idea on what to replace in the rotary valve area? GE Water Softener PNSF39Z01 has not been using any salt. The water softener is just a special type of "filter" that removes the calcium and magnesium in hard water by using plastic beads and cleans itself periodically by a process called “regeneration. The softener will recharge but not recondition the media. Had my Sears unit completely fail after 10 years of service. Related Articles on All Water Purification. Water Softeners & Filters has a great selection of brine tanks. Please read the entire guide to familiarize yourself with the use, care and protection of your water treatment appliance. If water will not be used for an extended period of time or if there is needed for installation and servicing of a particular water treatment system. 5 CF" at Amazon. Now inspect the leaks in plumbing. Most water softening systems have 2 tanks: Resin tank or the “water softener” Brine tank or the “salt tank” The resin tank is responsible for stripping your hard water of calcium and magnesium ions. If your resin bed is not clean, then your brine is not making it to the resin bed. Soft water feels noticeably smooth to the skin. If I press down hard on the valve (below the styrofoam float) water comes out properly. 9. Besides, you have a warranty. If the salt is being consumed less quickly possibly there is a clog somewhere between the brine and resin tank or the resin tank and drain. If the water level NEVER changed then the softener is not drawing brine or not drawing brine completely and that is why the water is hard. Ground water that has excessive minerals in it is called hard water. I am having an issue with it not wanting to fill my brine tank. My water softener brine tank is filled about halfway with water. A slight leak will allow air to enter during brine draw, breaking the vacuum. any reproduction in part or as a whole without the written permission from crystal quest is strictly prohibited. Your tank has a platform (grid) on (in) the bottom of the brine tank. Water softener install on a house with no water softener preparation, Houston, 1 replies Water softner not drawing brine, House, 8 replies Water heaters: to tank or not to tank, House, 12 replies Fresh water tank or salt water tank ?, Fish, 26 replies Water Softener Salt - How do I get it in the Tank?, House, 7 replies points to the center of bypass valve. Water Softeners and Air Filtration Systems - Fleck 5600 will not draw brine - I’ve searched a ton of posts here and can’t seem to find anything to help with my problem. This warranty is issued to the original owner at the original location site and is not transferable to other sites or to subsequent owners of the system. You most likely have a slight leak in the brine line. For Model Number Reference, as to whether yours is 3/4" or 1" Valve design, see the Service Manual Listings on our website, SEARS - Kenmore or GE Smartwater or Whirlpool If your Valve is not drawing brine, and you have replaced the Nozzle Venturi Gasket ( PN 7204362 ) or it looks good, THEN the next most likely cause of the problem is worn out Hello everyone I have a softener with a Fleck 2850 head that is not drawing brine. I've replaced the venturi nozzle gasket, the rotor disc, and all the seals & O rings in the rotor manifold. MODEL 2510 & 2510 ECONOMINDER start-up instructions Page 5 The water softener should be installed with the inlet, outlet and drain connections made in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and to meet applicable plumbing codes. Untreated supply water is allowed to flow to the system and to the building, while not allowing water to exit from the system to the building (Fig. Brine is when the system is drawing brine water from the salt tank. Water Softener Maintenance Simple, do-it-yourself methods to keep your softener working well. Water Softener: Fix a flooded brine (salt) tank that doesn’t drain I have literally spent weeks trying to fix a flooded brine tank in my Kenmore water softener. Water over 100 GPG Step-by-Step Instructions for Cleaning a Brine Tank. Ion-exchange does not alter the water’s pH or alkalinity. Check the drain line fl ow, and run for 5 minutes or until the water runs clear. The brine tank on the Jason’s Water Softener system is on demand, and it will know when to automatically clean out itself to ensure soft water runs through your home. of this water softener will not contaminate your water supply, the softener could become contaminated during shipment and installation. A negative pressure in the building combined with the softener being in regeneration could cause a siphoning of brine into the building . Page 15 Fleck 5600 Softener Installation & Startup Guide Internal valve leak Replace seals and spacers and/or piston. I have not had the water tested recently to know the actual hardness and iron content. Certain parts of the manual will serve as aids to manufacturers in the writing and layout of the manuals for installers and service personnel. 1 2. Replace control box cover. To get the water out, you can siphon it out or simply tip the tank and pour it out. There is one more criterion for water softeners, however, that must be met under NSF/ANSI 44 and it is one that probably would not immediately come to mind: the softener performance test. I cleaned the nozzle and venturi assembly and replaced the rotor disc gaskets and the nozzle and venturi seal. double check your piping from your meter or pressure tank. Our water experts put their very best thinking into engineering smarter products to bring families like yours the very best water. • multi-tank systems can each have their own dedicated brine tank. Even great systems sometimes experience a challenge or two. When a softener system isn’t drawing brine to use during regeneration, the water level may stay the same or increase during each backwash cycle. The salt can turn rock hard, stick to the side of the brine tank (as one large mass) and it will not drop into the water below. Get the manuals online, go buy the parts, and do it. Open the faucet downstream of the softener until water comes clear out of it. Thanks for the quick responses, justalurker! The model number of the softener I believe is the FS-948. Press any button to advance to the BRINE position. The first step to installing a water softener is selecting a location for the unit. with brine tank water filters crystal quest® Choose Your Grain Capacity: Click How to Size Your Softener . Fleck 5600 Will Not Draw Brine. The following procedure will help re-position the media, sanitize, flush and condition your water softener: down through the plastic brine injector located in front of the screen. This is the second time the unit has failed in some way. The initial water can be dirty because of installation debris. Here are some useful links with more information: Sears Kenmore Water Softener Manuals (PDF) A strong salt-water (brine) solution is created with the salt added to the softener. , when in brine cycle softener does not draw brine. Position valve to backwash and check to make sure that drain line flow remains steady for ten (10) minutes. That’s a sure sign things are not right with your water softener system. If unit is drawing brine and refilling brine tank you should have soft water. If you are installing a reverse osmosis or salt-based system, you will also need to ensure that your system is near a drain, or that it can be flushed into a nearby drain or into a sump pump to be flushed outdoors. The brine line will have water flowing through it during the appropriate cycles as well. The brine water is removed slowly from the salt tank. To Whom Warranty Is Extended . disclaimer: additional features: • easy installation and operation. The Morton 45,000 Grain Capacity Water Softener not only functions as a top-quality, salt-using water softener for very hard water, but it also can handle water from either wells or municipal supplies. 6. The morale of the story is: If I could do it, anyone can do it. Water Softener - Not Softening the Water. Specially manufactured polymer beads used in the ion exchange process to remove dissolved salts from water. Water softening has several facets to its proper operation. softener will not contaminate your water supply, the softener could become contaminated during shipment and installation. Clean Water Made Easy www. If a unit does not regenerate often, or when the home heating system starts being used, it can dry out the salt. 55 thoughts on “ Ruptured Resin Tank on Kemore Water Softener ” same situation 2007/10/12 at 11:38 am. These are the common issues that are seen in salt based water softener system. My Water Softener Is Not Using Salt So, you have a water softener. During the Refill Cycle, the water is directed back to the brine tank. Softener not using salt and/or water not soft. 3. How to Install a Water Softener. INSTALLATION & START-UP INSTRUCTIONS FLECK 5600 METER WATER SOFTENER SYSTEMS locate the brine well, and remove the cap as shown in Figure 14 on the water to wet the salt is if you pour some solution for whatever reason, into/on the salt periodically. I have replaced the brine valve, float, piston, seals, spacers, and brine draw tubing. Rootski water softener, fleck water softener ALPHA WATER SYSTEMS INC Trouble-Shooting Fleck Model 5600 & 5600 Econominder Excess water in brine tank. Description of the water softener system This water softener system includes a brine (salt) tank and a resin (media) tank with a backwashing control valve. • The brine overflow is provided as a back-up in the event the safety float shut-off should fail, allowing the brine tank to overfill. Mine wasn't pulling the brine, and narrowed it down to that specific orfice. Usually when a softener regenerates it back washes, then it draws brine from the salt tank, then it flushes the brine out and refills the brine tank. WATER SOFTENER OR FILTER CONTROL VALVE SERVICE MANUAL. This may result in an off-taste or odor in the water. - removed the brine valve assembly and confirmed float in air check floats (not stuck or anything) when under water (it did float) and could feel/hear some suction at that point - still not drawing brine! WHAT'S NEXT????? Fleck 5600SXT drains flow freely good well pressure cleaned injector screen water level in brine tank is above the 'normal The first thing you want to check if the brine tank is not refilling is if the water softener is connected to your waterline. This part was an exact replacement part for the venturi assembly for my Kenmore water softener. NOTE: Do not use granulated or rock salt. My water bill was quite high so it's somewhere. com. I just rebuilt the head with new seals and spacers, new brine valve, new cam and new timer assembly. Key benefits include scale reduction improved cleaning/housekeeping and My water softener's brine tank has a brown foam on top of the water. Runkle says the culprit in this case is back pressure to the injector. Might be time for some service. You'll notice the difference the first time you bathe or shower with softened water. Water Softeners and Air Filtration Systems - Culligan Water Softener Not Drawing Brine - Hello all, I've been reading through many of the threads here but can't seem to find info on the problem with If your Fleck 5600 ( or similar Hankscraft design) Valve is not drawing ( sucking in ) the salt water from your brine tank, then here is a list of things to check and information about Brine Suction Failure. However if the water in this home contains iron and is hard, turning off the water softener (placing it in bypass and unplugging the softener itself) may not be the solution you really want. when it regenerates at night it will fill until the float stops it. It was very easy to replace. Verify that the water level in the brine tank is dropping. A clogged or damaged venturi can cause hard water because the venturi can’t move the brine water into the resin filter tank. INSTALLATION & START-UP . the water itself has brown particles in it. If the tank does not have a grid, add water until itis above the air check in the brine tank. on ours the fill is a half hour but the fill is also controled by the tank float so when the water reaches a pre set level it stops and the system does nothing for the rest of the time until the next part of the cycle The regeneration process, which can take roughly one to two hours, consists of flushing out the solids, drawing brine from the brine tank, and recharging the resin beads. 2018/07/08 David said: I have a Culligan water softener. The fast flow flushes brine from the bottom of the tank. Usually if the water level in the brine tank starts getting higher; you will find that your softener is not drawing brine during the backwash cycle. When such materials are found in the water, softeners should not be applied. unit before turning the water on fully then allow water to run to drain for 3-4 minutes or until all media fines are washed out of the softener. 4 gallons of water into the brine tank. Home Water Softeners. Running the drain line to a house drain Your 5600 Econdominder Water Softener System is now programmed and ready for operation. However, if the softener unit sits in standby until needed, it may first be necessary to fast rinse the unit to achieve the desired water quality. • The brine tank drain line is gravity flow and must discharge below the overflow fitting. Bridging will eventually provide no salt to make brine. How to repair, trouble shoot, upgrade, rebuild, or replace a water softener or water filtration system. calcium and magnesium). When your water softener is full of water and has begun to spill out of the brine tank, check for problems that have the simplest solutions before tackling other possible causes. You don’t know much about the way your water softener works but you’re pretty sure it needs salt in order to function and for some reason, the salt isn’t getting used. A water softener's effectiveness depends on how hard the incoming water is. Most water softeners on the market are ion exchange systems. One function of the water softener that directly relates to flow is the brining and rinsing of resin during re-generation. The water softener needs to be positioned so that it can tie into the water supply at a place that will allow soft water into the house but not through to the outside hose connections because softened water could kill the plants (check the unit’s instructions Push the Bypass Valve into the head of both the Pelican Whole House Water Filter and Salt Free Water Softener/Conditioner with the unthreaded ends oriented toward the tanks and hand-tighten the Quick Connect Nuts. This happens when the control valve is in the brine draw position but is refilling the brine tank instead. You mentioned that the softener came “profiled”. The softener is refilling the brine tank with water instead of drawing brine into the softener. I think it is common for the water softener head to just meter an amount of water into the brine tank during the refill phase. However, usage and maintenance, proper care, they happen rarely. brine draw position. This will not solve the problem though. Our water is a 21 hardness, with a tinge of iron, so we notice it quickly. Yes, Leave Softener to Regenerate. 2 • JE11 Fleck 5600SXT Downflow In this section are the items you need to build or repair the brine tank section of a water softener. Duplex filters include 2 resin tanks, controller, parts box, drain flow control assemblies, and double amounts of media. I am no expert on water softeners, but I don't think there is Water Softeners and Air Filtration Systems - Correct settings for a Culligan Water Softener (Medalist Series, I believe) - I need what I hope is some basic help here as I'm fairly handy once I 10 Year Limited Warranty . Water softeners have a separate brine tank that uses common salt to create this brine solution. Culligan Water Softener Not Drawing Brine - DoItYourself. The brine solution will be used in your water softener to replace hard minerals in your water through a process called ion exchange. Your water softener regenerates after a preset volume of water is used or after fourteen days have passed. Test your water for grains of hardness then double check the softener settings. Water Softener -- Culligan Problem to not sucking brine out of the tank. It also serves to pack in the resin beads. FLECK 5600 SXT ON DEMAND SYSTEM. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Fleck 7000 SXT (94FL-7000S) Meter 48,000 Grain Water Softener 10 x 54"; 1. Do not add salt to the brine tank at this time. The AUTOBrine ® connects to the existing day-tank (not the water softener) to supply brine to the water softener. In these systems, hardness ions (calcium and magnesium) are exchanged for salt (sodium or potassium) ions. The venturi in the unit is probably plugged and not able to draw the brine. Clean or replace the venturi if brine water level in the salt tank doesn’t go down during regeneration. Just got home and looks like my wife managed to dumped all the excess water from the brine tank down the drain pipe (in the floor of the utility room). Culligan Brine Reclaim technology reduces salt usage by up to 25% by reclaiming a portion of the brine used to regenerate the water softener. This resin exchanges the hardness ions for softer ions. When water flows through the tank it comes in contact with small resin beads that are covered with salt ions. Water softener troubleshooting takes some time, but it’s well worth the effort to do it yourself instead of calling in a repairman. We support every WaterBoss ® product with a committed Support Team and a complete line of replacement parts. Water softeners remove undesirable minerals from your water supply. It will create brine but will not draw the brine in for the brine rinse cycle though the brine level is visible in the tubular "brinewell". Allow water level to drop below the salt grid before continuing. Or (most likely) if the unit is not drawing all the brine water it is supposed to and the water level is rising (leaking shut off float valve) higher than it is supposed to, and maybe only sometimes. Save your money and do it yourself. • The portion of the regeneration water with salt water is automatically diverted to drain. You will fine Brine shut off valves air checks and other items for most brands of water softener brine tanks. Twin Tank Water Softener for Soft Water 24/7 The Fleck 9100 water softener is a WQA Gold Seal Certified system. If water is available on the outlet side of the softener, it is an indication of water bypassing the system each other and do not fall into the water at the bottom. Brine does not drain from tank. the fill function has water coming from the brine valve assembly, and also when fill/brine is showing, as it moves into brine mode water continues to flow, albeit slowly, from the assembly. Water doesn't come back up for next day's regen. This is in a unit that I have recently acquired. The 5600 Fleck valve is the most popular water softener control valve on the planet, and offers a rigid Noryl valve body with low power consumption and a precision piston-seal-spacer assembly. What size water softener should I buy? Most water softeners have a single resin (softening) tank. ) Help avoid hard water damage to plumbing, appliances, dishes and clothes with a Whirlpool® Water Softener. • Manually add approximate 6 inches of water to brine tank so that level reaches air check valve. One of those is proper flow for certain functions. Other than that you could have a It's probably not drawing the salt water. Everyone should know the Common Water Softener Problems to avoid non-functionality of the water softener. I manually start a recharge cycle and can see that no water is coming into the brine tank. Have replaced the complete nozzle assembly, nozzle, venturi, gasket etc. During normal use, a softener may become fouled with organic matter, or in some cases with bacteria from the water supply. How Ensure the unit is drawing water from the brine tank (this step may need to be repeated). Owner’s guide for Puritan compact water softener Model LSSA-10-SE Design and basic operation This owner’s guide will give you the information needed to keep your water softener in good operating condition. Spitting ERR2 every now and then, not drawing brine & the water has an iron taste. How a water softener works. A failed rotor position switch or bad timer can also cause hard water output from the water softener. How Does a Water Softener Work? The materials of construction of the modern water softener will not support bacterial growth, nor will these materials contaminate a water supply. it doesn't take much of leak, in fact it can be small enough that water does not leak out during brine refill but it will not draw brine. No soft water tho, so we shut it off, don't know what to do NOTE: A reverse osmosis system basically works as a water filter rather than a water softener. I have an old Sears water softener that lately seems to not "want" to draw brine out of the brine well to regenerate the resin. Press any button to advance to the RINSE position. Refilling when it should Sucking Water out of Salt Tank ( Brine Rinse cycle ) Fleck Valve When Water is coming out of the Valve during the Brine Rinse Cycle ( when suction should be drawing water out, NOT putting water in ), there are several things to check / look for as the source of the problem. 1. The brine solution and hard water minerals are flushed from the tank into a nearby drain. It’s the best salt for water softener available and will work for you if your water is not too hard. Life's a whole lot better when your water is not as hard. Iron bacteria in water can rapidly foul softener beds, and worse, can grow and pass through the beds in slugs. o-ring, DLFC * not used with meter controls used in backwash filter. This allows the service technician to draw brine and perform other tests without the test water going to the building. These pellets are suitable for all models of softeners. Unless you are going on an extended trip, it’s best to allow the regeneration to take place after fourteen days. IN OUT Outgoing Water To House Incoming Water Supply Wall Wall Whole House Water Filter Sediment Filter INLET OUTLET Brine Tank Salt • All plumbing lines not requiring “soft” water should be connected “upstream” of the softener. Or, condensation inside the salt tank. 5-3 gpm/ft3 resin for 25-30 minutes. 1 Check Regeneration Pins for Number of the unit is drawing water from the brine tank (this step may need to be repeated). (A paper clip that has been straightened out makes a very good tool for this job. 6% scale prevention and offers an industry-leading limited lifetime warranty. The brine valve drive cam will hold the valve in this position to fill the brine tank for the first regeneration. This manual is not intended to be used as a manual for a complete water softener or filter. Check the water level in the brine tank to insure the valve is drawing brine properly. why would water softener keep running but get no soft water and do not know where water is going, can hear water running, but can't see where it is going. Backwash is followed by a fast flow of water down through the resin tank. When i turn the unit on it goes into fill cycle , water fills up in the tank , then when i put it in brine cycle water keeps But again, if no water leaking here, and you do have suction during Brine Rinse, but you still have way too much water ( up to over flow level ) in the salt area, then you need to make sure the tank is not crack at the bottom ( remove old salt and all water, to get a good look at bottom of the Resin tank ). The brine solution flows through the resin tank, rinsing the beads and exchanging new sodium for the hard water minerals that have collected. There will be no saturated brine available, resulting in hard water. Brine Tank Water Too High - Not Drawn into Softener Question: water is not drawing from the brine tank into the softener. The brine tank holds fresh water that eventually dissolves the salt to make a saturated brine solution. No, go to step 2. well, it still won't draw brine unless i put it to bypass and then back to service. Now the untreated water is being supplied to house. As a bonus, the compressed shape of the softener pellets means that they create less mushing. 1 If it is found not to have Decreased, there may be a problem with the Injector as the Softener is not drawing water and a Service Call may be required. Fixing a water softener is easier than you think. Two days ago, I went to put salt in and noticed the brine tank was half full of water - stagnant water that doesn't smell very good. Protect your plumbing and appliances from hard-water damage and save water and energy. of bypass valve. Water Softener Parts & Service. If the water level does not drop, refer to section 8 of Troubleshooting. Place the unit in the bypass position. That means that when it is time to regenerate (typically at 2AM or some other time when water usage is low), if you were to use water, it would be hard and not softened. Position the valve to the start of the brine tank fi ll cycle. This is a the water level in Brine tank has Decreased. For each ppm of calcium removed and replaced by sodium, total dissolved solids increase by Solid organic matter particles frequently contain quantities of precipitated iron, and the combined solids can lead to rapid fouling of the bed. I have a kenmore water softener model # 6253484500 it does not draw brine. Make “Time of Day” setting and set “Program Wheel”. You also may notice that you’re not putting as much salt in the brine tank as often you used to. Water softener regeneration is the process which the softener system removes the existence of calcium and magnesium as well as other minerals and dirt from the water. First check the salt in the salt tank to see it has the unit is drawing water from the brine tank (this step may need to be repeated). Disconnect all lines/hoses between the water softener and brine tank. It took me a while to understand how the darn thing worked, but once I figured it out, my problem and, more importantly, the fix seemed obvious. Here are a few troubleshooting tips if your system isn’t functioning as it should. The best way to tell if the softener is drawing brine is to mark the water level after the fill cycle and let the softener go through brining. What is brine? Brine is water saturated with salt, usually sodium chloride. softener’s normal flowrate or 1. Salt (or brine solution) is a necessary part of the ion exchange process in a water softener. Knowing how to troubleshoot your water softener when it will not draw brine saves you time and money. Although hard water is generally safe to use, it can cause a variety of problems related to cleaning, appliance life expectancy and efficiency. You could have low water pressure or a clogged drain line or other problems. ) Replace the gasket and cover and turn the water supply back on. That’s why millions of people around the world look to Kinetico for water treatment solutions. It Water Softener and Filter Repairs Control Valve Repair Made Easy Most repairs and parts replacements can be done in less than 30 minutes with basic hand tools. tors, 2 brine tanks, appropriate brine line kits, 4 valve kits, controller, literature kit and quadruple amounts of resin and gravel shown in the table below. Soft water saves energy, too. Brine solution to a water softener is like laundry detergent to a washing machine. My plumber said this is brown "iron" algae and it will not harm the system. 1. This process last about 20 minutes. Follow your system’s manufacturer instructions for putting the system in “Bypass Mode”. 3). There does not seem to be any more water filling into the brine tank, atleast not right now - Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! My kenmore/ge water softener does not have adequate brine suction to draw water down from the tank. The exchange takes place within the resin tank of the water softener. Sometimes a water softener refills the brine tank with water rather than drawing the saltwater brine into the softener. on the systems we sell , the first 1/2 hour is the fill part of the cycle. Pre-Rinse If the water softener is put directly into service after regeneration, then a pre-rinse is not required. The Brine valve consists of a mechanical valve that opens and closes during brine-draw and refill cycles. FILTERS Filters do not include brine tank or aspirator assem - blies. For all knowledge, nothing has ever been replaced or fixed on this water softener since 2001. Do not install your softener downstream from your water heater, as the high temperatures could damage the unit. water softener not drawing brine

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