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00 – $ White Labs 655 Belgian Sour yeast is available at Adventures in Homebrewing. See our review of the Platinum Vape cartridge. If you haven’t heard of this strain, someone you know has already tried it (and probably loves it). The appearance of sour diesel is composed of dense light green mug covered in orange hairs. A good strain for relaxing, it calms the body and mind without being overtly heavy or indica in nature until later in the duration, when the eye effects tend to lull the user to an early slumber. It originates from: Afghanistan. . Sour Diesel Feminized Seeds from BlimBurn Seeds now at SeedSupreme. Takeaway: Known for its uplifting effects, White Fire OG #5 is commonly used by qualified medical marijuana patients as a daytime medicine. I've had the pleasure of puffing on this tasty delight for the last couple months from one of my LP's Delta 9 Biotech. Sour Diesel is one of the most renown strains in the medical marijuana industry. Sour White cannabis strain by 710 Genetics is an evenly balanced hybrid made of two popular celebrity strains. Lemon D is the child of California Sour and Lost Coast OG. Sour Diesel, sometimes called Sour D, is an invigorating sativa named after its pungent, diesel-like aroma. A first inspection of flowers of Sour Tangie may pick up on some fruity, citrus notes. WHITE BARSZCZ ZUREK (SOUR BREAD SOUP) and strain. The strain is an indica dominant hybrid and features 65 percent indica genetics and 35 percent sativa genetics. Grows from cannabis seed to bud in 74 days. Sometimes, you just want something chill. The Tahiti Lime plant produces large dense flowers that emit a beautiful sour candy aroma. It has high levels of THC providing the Sour Diesel patient with the psychoactive and energetic mind-high often associated with the sativa. girls scout cookies. If you are searching for information about White Lemon from Strain Hunters Seed Bank, check out our Basic Infos, Gallery, Degustation, Strain Reviews, Shop-Finder and Price Comparison, Lineage / Genealogy or User Comments for this cannabis variety here at this page and follow the links Dispensaries Carrying Sour Apple. These buds are round and densely packed together, reflecting the plant’s OG Kush heritage. Sour Diesel has a clear, sharp gas smell in connection with an exciting explosion of energy. The former is a Sativa-leaning strain that delivers an energizing high that leaves users feeling happy. OVERALL (4. Sage n Sour is a good example of that. Sour Diesel weed prices, ratings, effects, information, and customer reviews of this sativa dominant hybrid marijuana strain. Sour Diesel California Fleece Pullover Hoodie $ 45. Search. This strain originates from a very old brewery in west Belgium. Berry White’s fragrance is a rich combination of blueberries mixed in with sweet, sour and earthy aromas. But, I cannot overemphasize how sweet Sour OG smells. This yeast was isolated from the thought to be extinct Pure Nacional variety of cacao. Reply Take a look at Nikki as she smokes and reviews the marijuana strain Sour Diesel or as some would call it: Sour D. Its flavour is filled with dirt scattered diesel notes and pine undertones. Sour Diesel Seeds Origin Story. Smell: This stuff smells AMAZING! Sour OG lures you in with a very pungent sweet scent that’s almost like cotton candy with a hint of pine and gasoline. Created through a cross of the infamous Sour Diesel X Girl Scout Cookies strains. It may taste fruity, spicy, earthy, sour, piney. This strain has one of the most pungent aromas of any strain, similar to Diesel Gas with a hint of lemon. Marijuana Strains: Learn How to Choose the Best Strain for You May 16, 2019 Cannabis Blog Leave a comment 274 Views Much like it is with any other substance, marijuana is not just marijuana. 818 Headband cannabis, aka Sour OG by Cali Connection is a cross of their original Sour Diesel cut and their San Fernando Valley OG Kush IBL 818 Headband is a hybrid cross that produces healthy and hardy plants with solid buds up and down. Strain Profile: Sour Apple is a great 70% sativa 30% indica hybrid that is very cerebral, lifting up the spirits of those who enjoy her flowers. The remaining sour, fermented liquid is the zakwas. The looks Mimosa Marijuana Strain Review. Effective to alleviate nausea, headaches, and negative feelings. The taste is very woody and sweet. Story: Named “The White” for the color of the finished buds (which absolutely drip with resin glands), this strain is thought to have come from bag seed of an elite Florida strain known as Triangle. Plant Height: Sour Diesel marijuana is a comparatively tall plant. Cannabis strains are either pure or hybrid varieties of the plant genus Cannabis, which encompasses the species C. Business Services Search Las Vegas View 360 Strains Watch Strain Review Videos. Gorilla Glue #4 marijuana Type: Gorilla Glue #4 is a cross among Chem’s Sister with Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel. The Tangerine Haze marijuana strain is known for having one of the most fruity aromas and tastes available on the market. "White Diesel is an interesting strain. Sour Grape is a bushy 50-50 indica-sativa hybrid bred between Grapefruit and Sour Kush parents. Having a 90% Sativa and 10% Indica ratio. White buffaloes are quite rare to come by, and so is the White Buffalo strain of cannabis. These extremely potent plants will grow to a height of up to 5 feet, with some stretching during early the Sour Ape combines two impressive strains, the dreamy Indica Grape Ape and the super Sativa Sour Diesel, to produce dense, meaty buds that glisten bright green with crystals and scraggly orange hairs. It's perfect to smoke in the daytime. " It is a favorite strain of rapper Wiz Khalifa. A deep and piney aroma is intermixed with OG Kush’s sweet and sour, lemon scent. Sour Diesel Strain Smackdown November 21, 2016 November 23, 2016 thebudguru 3247 Views 0 Comment Sour Diesel , Strain Smackdown , UpTownGrowLab , VS , White Widow Review: I got this strain from Greener Pasture's Collective, located in West Los Angeles. This cocktail gets its lofty, fluffy froth from egg whites and two-step mixing technique. 76% THC, 0. This is a powerfully potent strain that should be approached with respect. This community is for anyone interested in the cultivation of Mephisto Autoflowering Cannabis. The effects of Lemon Sour Diesel translate perfectly from paper to pipe. The White Tahoe Cookies is a potent Indica dominant strain that is very well known across Washington state. It’s got pungent, diesel notes with a sour kick. Sour Diesel is one of the most widely smoked Sativa strains of all time. Sour grape It promotes stress and tension relief. The strain offers a simultaneous mind and body high that is mild enough to enjoy any time of day. Kindness Cannabis brought out this strain’s unique terpene profile. The fruity, phenolic, and wild-like characteristics of this strain make it an ideal choice for farmhouse and saison-style beers. The White is an indica dominant hybrid (85% indica/15% sativa) strain with unknown genetics due to breeder secrecy. It was created by GG Strains and went on to win two Cannabis Cups, starting in 2014 and one High Times Jamaican Cup. White Tahoe Cookies has a gorgeous appearance, with deep olive rounded nuggets accented by purple undertones and dark amber hairs. Sour Diesel Seeds. This strain has a lot going on. com and select 'WLP815' from the drop down menu called "strain #". White Dream Strain Growing – Image Powered by leafly. The word “diesel” in sour diesel didn’t come out of absolutely nowhere. Buy Sour Grape Marijuana Online Sour Diesel vape oil is the go-to choice for a wide variety of people. Known mostly for its potent smell and flavor, it is a sensible sativa-dominant strain. Sour Diesel is my favorite strain & on top of that I like to be head high more than body high. Because of this, it is a versatile strain that can be cultivated anywhere. On paper, WiFi Alien is an indica-dominant hybrid with a fiery heritage. Though it’s not considered a true OG among most collectors, it’s reached the status of OG cuts in terms of rarity and overall value. Sour Diesel offers a super-clear head high with intense mood boosting power. Sour Life Saver Indica Strain Overview: Of Blueberry and Bubble gum predominantly indica lineage with a Sour crossed up cross, amongst other variances of sweet scented cannabis concoctions. The Super Sour Diesel is pure Sativa that is used to treat stress, pain, and depression. Great for European-style pilsners, dark lagers, Vienna lagers, and American-style lagers. Prices starting at $30. Sour Scout strain is recommended for daytime and nighttime use. You will have about 2 cups/480 ml for the soup. breed by 710 Genetics. ‘If you don’t cough, you don’t get off. Tomahawk is a cross of Josey Wales' Gorilla Glue #4 and Greenpoint Seed's own Stardawg male genetics. Sour Amnesia autoflowering marijuana seeds give you a party strain that boosts creativity while leaving you extra chatty and giggly around friends. They live life at diesel speed, spreading and joy along their way. 5 out of 5) Banana Punch is one of the first strains with a Purple Punch parent that I’ve come across, and if this is any indication then we’re going to see some amazing crosses with this strain. So, it resembles buds dipped in sugar, which you also smell traces of when this strain is smoked. Like its parent strains, this bud is most infamous for its insanely mouthwatering flavor. Sour Diesel Strain Sour Diesel Strain Review. Sour Diesel is a Sativa-dominant marijuana strain, with minimal Indica-like elements. Symbiotic Genetics is a world leader in creating award winning hybrids. Aroma, Flavor and Appearance. In this case, the old family tree tells no lies. After adding ice, the second shake chills the drink Marijuana strain guide. Sour Banana Larry cannabis strain by Exotic Genetix - Banana OgerKush (Orgnkids) x Sour Larry OGK BX1: reports, photos, and genetics. Sour Diesel is a Sativa dominant strain that takes 10-weeks or more to flower. breed by Strain Hunters Seed Bank. It originates from: Afghanistan, Colombia, and Mexico. But, watch out if you have a low tolerance for cannabis because Sour Diesel vape oil cartridge can be sedative. Share with your friends! White Widow Marijuana Strain Review; The Berry White strain has a light sour berry and pine smell and a fresh taste similar to their scent. Let us know what worked for you or what didn´t. Flavor: Along with smelling deliciously sweet, Sour OG tastes as sweet as candy OG Kush Marijuana Strain Review 4. Users report a sour, diesel, citrus flavour. Sour Diesel – Marijuana Strain Review – 420Portal June 7, 2019 cannabisdetails_admin 0 Comments. White Widow hybrid marijuana strain is a compact plant of medium height. As dense as can be this stuff does not disappoint, nice uplifting high good for a morning or early afternoon smoke. White Widow Strain Review – ISMOKE Rather this over ak47 and NYC sour diesel, but northern lights and girl scout cookies are my fav hands down 🙇‍♂️ Sour Ambrosia is a 90% Sativa strain that is praised by Sativa lovers for its amazing ability to energize and help you focus. When smoked, this strain can make you feel euphoria, creativity, calm, numbness, appetite gain, and pain relief. We upload 5 to 7 videos a week of strain reviews, indoor grow tips, cannabis centric events and personalities. Once you break the buds open however, you get a massive whiff of a sour berry smell. 15% THC, there is no way to smoke WiFi Alien and avoid getting an otherworldly buzz. marijuana should be legalize . Despite its genetic balance Sour Jack usually, produces effects that feel more like the head highs produced by Sativa strains. This high yielding new cannabis strain has over a 20% THC content and produces dense fruity buds. The Floating Seed Cannabis strains are either pure or hybrid varieties of the plant genus Cannabis, which encompasses the species C. Blueberry is one of the most reliable, all-around cannabis strains you’ll find anywhere in the world. Each nug is a varied shade of green with tiny orange hairs and a milky white coat of sticky trichomes. Frequently mentioned in the television show Weeds, White Widow is a hybrid strain that is very popular both in America and abroad. Ranking high in looks, scent, taste, and effects Sour Dubble is another roughly 50-50 sativa/indica blend. Much like the legendary Barry White, this cannabis strain originated from two extremely popular strains whose names created as a result fits not Tahoe White is a hybrid strain , This strain's genetics include:Tahoe OG Kush, and The White. Sour Tangie is a sativa dominant hybrid (80% sativa/20% indica) strain created as a cross of the hugely popular East Coast Sour Diesel X Tangie strains. STRAIN REVIEW: LAVA CAKE. Whether you’re calling it Blue Widow, White Berry, or Barry White, the high from this will keep you coming back. 28% CBN. Flavors. #3 White Cookies Believe it or not, the white cookies strain is a genetic combination of white widow and Girl Scout cookie cannabis strains, which makes for a wonderful concoction. Its leaves are long and broad with purple-gray color during maturity. It provides an energizing, social, and euphoric high. Great White Shark; Green -O- Matic Medical Marijuana Strains is a user submitted medical marijuana strain review encyclopedia. A Sour OG plant is a colorful mixture of vibrant lime-green calyxes and bright orange pistils which complement the sticky milky-white trichomes covering its buds. Please include details of your grow, including Strain, medium, lighting, nutrients etc. Grows from cannabis seed to bud in 70 - 75 days. Order online today! Check out our review of the Absolute Xtracts cartrifge. Sour Diesel Strain Very Popular Among MMJ Patients. Sour Grape is an excellent . Marijuana Edible Review: Chill The Highest Chocolate Cookie Jar White Chocolate 180 mg; og, review, sour, strain, strain reviews, TASTES. yeastman. If there was a strain-cloud for the verbiage Sour Willie. Sour Diesel’s energized and positive high makes it easy to see why the strain enjoys popularity across the United States. Created in the 1990’s in California, this strain has a lot of legend, but few facts. 10% CBD, and 0. The Berry White strain is commonly referred to as Blue Widow or even White Berry depending on the grower and what seeds they used when growing the cannabis. Discreet worldwide delivery. Sour Diesel cannabis exhibits strong power to fight disease, mold, bacteria, viruses, fungus, and mechanical damage. sativa, C. The Effect You Get Using The Sour Diesel Strain Super Sour Diesel Strain Overview. Cheers and Good Luck! Matt. The Sour D began to become famous in the early 90’s, its origin, however, is a bit uncertain, but it is believed that it comes from the combination of Chem Dog, Massachusetts Super Skunk, and Northern Lights. This cannabis strain grows tall with dense buds, and usually fills in most during the last couple weeks of growth. Our intrepid ganja chronnoisseur, Dragonfly, travels the world in search of the best cannabis and evaluates strains ranging from the popular and plentiful to the rare and exotic. Don’t know what the genetics are but a wild guess would say Sour Diesel x White Widow, but who … Strain Overview. Strain Review UptownGrowLab White Widow vs. Berry White is a strain of many names. A versatile oil that packs a punch, users report characteristic anticipated effects of being a powerful focus enhancer and good for occasional fatigue. Sour Diesel must be protected from mildew. White 91' x P Phunk is an indica-dominant hybrid strain you don't see that often anymore. Its fragrance is strong and pungent, with spicy, earthy undertones. Alongside Una Great Movie, it also kickstarted the 21st Annual Roxbury International Film White Widow has fragrantly fresh pine cone nugs that have a taste bordering between fruit and flowers when smoked. Much the same way it smells, Sour OG is lemony also in its taste. The White Widow Skunk strain was created in the Netherlands by crossing three legendary strains with a stable sativa. So why is Sour Diesel a favorite among medical marijuana patients and cannabis connoisseurs world-wide? Strain Name: Sour Skunk. Sour Tangie has a smell of pungent sour citrus that has an earthy diesel bouquet as the bud is smoked. With a whopping 28. ” I first heard those words in some crazy midnight trailer in what would have been a thick Sour Ambrosia is a 90% Sativa strain that is praised by Sativa lovers for its amazing ability to energize and help you focus. Review: Sour Diesel is a sativa marijuana strain (sometimes called Sour D) that isn't the best at knocking out heavy pain, but provides focused energy. White Dream exhibits a hybrid structure. Sometimes a strains genetics will act as false advertising and you’ll inadvertently buy a sativa that puts you to sleep. 17) Sour Grape Regular Seeds. Instead, you can expect an invigorating cerebral high that opens up doors of creativity. We found that Platinum Vapes delivers strength and excellent taste on their THC carts. WiFi Alien is one such high THC content strain. In the mix is the award winning White Widow and Northern Lights, and the renowned Skunk; which forms the basis to many of the top strains created in the last two decades. The seeds are cultivated indoors or outdoors, since the hybrid plant is so easy to grow. Purchase Sour Tangie Cannabis discreetly from any province in Canada. The buds only develop a few amber-colored Sour Diesel, originally grown in California, is a strong favorite with cannabis connoisseurs around the world. Found in most Amsterdam coffee shops, White Widow buds produce an entrancing, full-bodied effect, and are typically smothered in shiny, white trichomes. Use White Labs 655 pitchable yeast for home brewing Belgian-style beers. Sour Cookies is a sativa dominant hybrid strain. As white rum doesn’t add much in terms of sweetness like say a brandy or a bourbon, if the ratio of sweet to sour isn’t balanced properly, it will have nowhere to hide. White Tahoe Cookies is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing The White X Tahoe OG X an unknown Girl Scout Cookies cut. Here you can find all info about White Lemon from Strain Hunters Seed Bank. Fans claim it descends from Super Skunk and Chemdawg 91. It’s hard to find, so when you get your hands on it, make sure to stock up! White Cookies gives users a strong high that’s euphoric and great at knocking out pain. The two potent sativas create a delicious yet dangerous strain menu blue dream, og kush, sour diesel, green crack, grand daddy purple, white widow, jack herer, ak 47 northern light, headband, blue cheese, pineapple express, chem dawg, blue berry, sky walker, mango kush, purple urkle. Post: Questions, pictures, problems or solutions. Setting the standard for kind bud, White Widow washes over you with a warm feeling of mildly trippy sensations. White Sour Marijuana Strain Review - Duration: 2 Cloudy white trichomes finish off these impressive flowers, making them very sticky to the touch and difficult to break apart without a grinder. The smell of this strain isn't very strong, none of the cannabis at Greener Pasture's smelt that strong, and the taste was that of pine/herbs. Growers have noted that Sour Star develops a vigorous and strong structure. I'm a sativa guy myself. Lemon Sour Diesel. Also known as Sour D, this pungent, diesel-scented bud packs a powerful sativa-typical punch. White Widow Autoflowering brings the legendary qualities of White Widow into the ease of the autoflowering world. Hints of earthiness cut through this strain, along with hints of lemon, making for a refreshing scent that will fill every room it enters, without fail. This sativa hybrid begins with a happy cerebral buzz and wears off in the body with deep relaxation. Sour Diesel is a great sativa dominant hybrid that is popular all over the nations. Good review man & I just subscribed to your channel. We’re Tomahawk Cannabis Seeds - Chemdog lovers will rejoice over Tomahawk cannabis seeds. 00 for 3. She is perfect for the morning or a mid afternoon smoke. A great medical strain, many patients use it for relief from pain, anxiet Gorilla Glue #4 marijuana Type: Gorilla Glue #4 is a cross among Chem’s Sister with Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel. Sour Grape is a new release strain from Lineage Genetics. Be the first to review this recipe. Sour Diesel. BlueBerry x White Widow. Sour Glue is a hybrid strain , This strain's genetics include:Sour Diesel, and Gorilla Glue #4. The plant boasts forest green buds that are small, shaped like grapes and carry thin orange hairs and bright frosty white crystals. MephHeads. If you’re wondering what the 818 stands for, it is to represent their Southern California area code. The Flatbush Zombies single "Face-Off", a rap song about recreational drug use, also mentions Sour Diesel at the start of its second verse: "Perfect day, 10 bitches, and some sour diesel. A second whiff, meanwhile, might detect a strong diesel aroma, picked up form parent strain ECSD. Runtz, Ice Cream Cake, Sundae Driver, and 1623 other Strains. In 2007, this rare variety with white beans was rediscovered in the remote Marañón River Canyon in Peru. ruderalis. Green House Seed Co. A cross of Amnesia and Sour Diesel, Sour Amnesia is a double shot of espresso that also makes you forget how to put on your pants. The seed bank has also developed autoflowering and high-CBD autoflowering versions of the strain by hybridizing White Widow with Ruderalis and high-CBD strains, respectively. Buy Sour Grape Marijuana Online White Widow’s popularity didn’t come solely from its appearance. Varieties are developed to intensify specific characteristics of the plant, or to differentiate the strain for the purposes of marketing or to make it more effective as a drug. The Stellar Growers gave us an early 4/20 gift for all of your! cannabis strain review, cannabis strain test, Northern Soul, Northern Soul journal grow, Northern Soul seeds review, Northern Soul Seedsman, Northern Soul seguimiento, Northern Soul strain review, Northern Soul strain test, seedsman strain review ← Buy CBD Sour Lemon Strain for your home garden. This odor is so strong in Reservoir’s Sour Diesel strain that it may need to be masked during growing if stealth is a goal or necessity. Buy this Sativa strain with Very High (over 20%) THC levels and Low (0-1%) CBD. We do We try some marijuana strain White Sour from The Bakeree. Popular Strains: OG Kush - Grand Daddy Purple - Sour Diesel - Blue Dream - Pineapple Express Medical Marijuana Strains is a user submitted medical marijuana strain review encyclopedia. Sour Diesel is a hybrid that’s Sativa dominant and will give the user a cerebral high. He crossbred an Afghani Indica with a Sativa and Purple Thai strain. Sour Jack Strain. What is known is that it is one of the best genetic hybrids on the market today. THC content up to 14% THC and CBD of 0. com Fruity Pebbles Strain Review Berry White Strain Review. June 24, 2019 admin How To Quit Marijuana 44. Crossed between Sour Diesel and Ambrosia this is a definite GOTO for anyone with ADD/ADHD, Depression, Fatigue, and Headaches/ Migraines. For some, the slightly acrid taste with undertones of bitter citrus is an acquired flavour while others are instantly captivated by it. I enjoy smoking this strain, but the flavor isn’t nearly as pronounced as the smell and ultimately leaves me wanting more. Before you break it open, the buds have a nice mild fruity fragrance. . Sour Lifesaver is said to promise a namesake candy coated fruity stench and taste, another strain possessing extensive pain relieving properties. Sour Glue is a Sativa-dominant, pretty much a pure Sativa, genetic masterpiece. Sour Diesel Fem. courtesy of onlinepot. White Fire OG or WiFi OG is a Sativa dominant strain that has an uplifting effect. We've seen it available at some east coast dispensaries, but California and most western tokers appear to have moved on to the more potent OG Kush varieties that seem to have a connected lineage to nearly every strain coming out of CA these days. brevis for your third attempt. For today’s review, we’re taking a look at some ‘Lava Cake’ from Viola. Its aroma is earthy, pungent, dank, herbal and spicy. You can expect a smooth toke with a slight lemon aftertaste. Check out our large selection of quality weed & marijuana products. The Sour Diesel strain is an legendary strain from California that is perfect for indoor growing, and works well outdoors in warmer climates. Basically, it seems like the sky is the limit when it comes to naming a particular strain. Overview. Welcome to my strain review. indica, and C. For this recipe in particular, try this ratio and then tweak it to your preferred sweetness level. It is tall and, at a glance, may seem lanky. I’ve had this bud many times. Genes: mostly sativa. The first shake, without ice, helps create the foam. The White Widow strain of marijuana was named after the crystals that cover its flowers. Strains 1-24 of 1626 Sour Diesel is a massively-popular sativa strain that patients revere for its ability to stimulate the mind without slowing down the body. It has a definite sativa high to it, but has just enough of an indica feel to it to allow for you to relax completely to some music or a film. This one could be very good for those who suffer from migraines. 5g to $200. It is the product of the sour and earthy Fire OG and the resin-enriched The White. Green House has tested White Widow at 18. The buds are quite small, however, when grown under expert care, they will be covered with a white crystal blanket, looking super enticing. Write a Review A pungent Diesel presence was in the forefront when this strain was sitting in the jar/bag, with a skunky and slightly acrid Sour Star can be grown successfully in outdoor, indoor, and greenhouse setups. Sour Glue is the Stellar Grower's latest and greatest Sativa-dominant creation. The taste from my vaporizer was a delicious sour lemon with just a hint of pungency near the end. It comes from crossing Zkittles with Do-Si-Dos. The White Widow Strain Packs a Powerful Punch I mellowed out my day with White OG from The Station, a medical and recreational dispensary in Boulder, Colorado. You can find it just about anywhere you go. Published on December 20th, 2013 | by Eleanor Russell. Lemon Sour Diesel is a hybrid strain in the truest sense. I feel like this strain is a good middle ground when it comes to THC levels. 00 – $ 45. White Fire OG Cannabis Strain Review. Our Sour Diesel Cannabis T Shirt is for members of the Social Club of adventurous souls. To view testing data for this strain, as it was used in the White Labs Tasting Room, visit tastingroom. This heavy-hitting indica might be the perfect match for you if you’re looking for strain to induce appetite or simply a strain to chill out with. Ultra Sour is a moderate to high-potency strain from WeedMD. We know how much our community loves a killer price on an effective Sativa strain. As Berry White is a hybrid, smokers also receive the welcome positive effects of its sativa genetics, which leave smokers of this strain feeling uplifted, happy and euphoric. Sour Diesel, sometimes called Sour D, is an invigorating Sativa-dominant strain named after its pungent, diesel-like aroma. With strong mental and physical effects, The White has solid muscle-relaxing, pain relief, and anti-anxiety properties as well as stimulating appetite. Here you can find all info about Sour White from 710 Genetics. Sour Jack is a fairly popular hybrid strain that’s right around 50% Indica – 50% Sativa. Buy Sour Tangie Cannabis today from the comfort of your own home. So why is Sour Diesel a favorite among medical marijuana patients and cannabis connoisseurs world-wide? Sour Diesel Strain Sour Diesel Strain Review. Origin: Although Sour Diesel’s genetic lineage is technically not 100% known, it was developed in the ’90s and is thought to have the parent plants of Chem-dawg 91 and Super Skunk; both considered extremely potent and heady strains. Our channel is where you can come to sesh, smoke a joint, a bowl or a bong and hang out with us while we review cannabis strains, share gardening tips and ideas and have a chill time talking about We try some marijuana strain White Sour from The Bakeree. At first, one might think that it is a Its nutty taste is spicy, sour, and earthy. Photo courtesy of Julia Daigle Grow Strain Review: Sour Diesel. The Scoop: Sour Tangie is an award-winning cross of East Coast Sour Diesel x Tangie. This and the Lemon Drop that they offer are very similar in taste and appearance. These THC oil vape carts turned out to be strong and offered great quality across the board. Find information about the The White cannabis strain including reviews from other users, its most common effects, where to find it, and more. User Review: White Rhino strain is a really potent, hard-hitting, wonderful mix of Indica /Sativa. Back 90's Haze Cannabis Review 818 Headband Strain Review Abdullah Saeed a/k/a TKid Chats with Jay Kitchen AK-47 Classic Cannabis Strain Review Animal Cookies Strain Review Bear OG Strain Review Black Cherry Soda Weed Strain Review Blueberry Shortcake Strain Review C99 X The MAC Cannabis Strain Review Cannabis Extraction 101 - How to Make Cannabis Oil Using 'Everclear' Alcohol Cannabis in Every cannabis user knows how strain names can be very creative at times, up to the point when they start to sound really weird. With the parent strains White Fire and Fire Alien Kush, it’s hard not to get fired up about this extra hairy strain. Harvest: High. If you’re a fan of tangerines; you are going to love this strain. This strain is commonly used amongst medical patients to relieve anxiety, depression, and chronic fatigue. Everything you need to know about the White Recluse indica strain: medical benefits, negative & positive effects and where to get it in your area. Though her next milestone birthday will arrive in 2021, acclaimed 88-year-old novelist Toni Morrison is receiving many bouquets now thanks to the Timothy Greenfield-Sanders film Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am. This bud gets its name not from a White Widow parentage, but from the appearance of its dewy white buds when they are ready to harvest. Sour P Feminised Seeds from Resin Seeds now at SeedSupreme. Don’t know what the genetics are but a wild guess would say Sour Diesel x White Widow, but who … Sour OG is a deliciously pungent hybrid that is said to reek of a potent mix of pine and diesel. I invite you to check out the new article and I would recommend producing a starter with the White Labs strain of L. Lacey Macri explains why this sativa-dominant strain has become world-renowned in potency, consistency, and popularity. The “sour” in Sour Diesel refers to its Read More → Hybrid Strains Bubba Kush Sour OG Strain Aroma, Flavor and Appearance. 00 for 28g. carries all three versions of White Widow in feminized seed form. And Mimosa has just put them on the map again. The White, Girl Scout Cookies, and Tahoe OG are three potent strains that combine to create the White Tahoe Cookies from Royal Tree Gardens. Bred using the genetics of Sour Diesel and Super Silver Haze, Super Sour Diesel cannabis produces THC levels of 20-24%. This is a CBD-fortified version of a very tasty hybrid strain (California Sour x Lemon OG). If you have Sativa lines, it is good strain and pain releiver. First cultivated by Amsterdam’s DNA Genetics, this Sativa-dominant hybrid is guaranteed to be one of the more intriguing strains you’ll encounter at your local dispensary. Tags: ak seeds ak strain ak weed blue dream blue dream leafly blue dream marijuana blue dream seeds blue dream weed blueberry cannabis blueberry haze blueberry marijuana blueberry pot blueberry seeds blueberry weed cannabis blueberry cannabis Gorilla Glue Number 4 cannibis seeds chemdawg cherry ak cherry ak strain diesel weed dj short blueberry Sour diesel weed provides a fast-acting, dream high. This strain energizes patients with its sativa genetics, and Sour grape It promotes stress and tension relief. White Widow Autoflowering: Offers a light and chilled high. Smokers of Berry White describe A strain that’s quick to blend the old with the new, White Cookies was developed by Crop King Seeds by crossing White Widow and Girl Scout Cookies. Humboldt Seeds Organization Sour Blueberry original cannabis seeds for sale. contact us for full strain menu and prices. The high is quite strong so we recommend for Are you searching for the Sour Diesel Strain? I49 Seed Bank is a perfect fit. If you are searching for information about Sour White from 710 Genetics, check out our Basic Infos, Shop-Finder and Price Comparison or Lineage / Genealogy for this cannabis variety here at this page and follow the links to get even more information. org If you see one that need to be addedadd away! Afghani A pure variety, never hybridized, imported from Afghanistan, grown in Holland. Sour Diesel weed is a combination of Sativa and Indica strains and it is noted for its health yields. A highly resinous aromatic plant that develops sugar leaves. It has spawned popular and flavorful strains like Sour Tsunami and Sour Jack and inspired strains like NYC Diesel, which imitates its unique taste. A-Dub, an epic triple cross of Chem’s Sister x Sour Dubb x Alien Dawg, is a well-balanced hybrid made special by the Sour Dubb, a hard-to-find clone-only strain also known as Sour Dubble But this is a weed review, and so I’ll avoid that while still remarking on the fact that, though we have reviewed a number of strains that derive from Sour D, as it is also often called, we Blueberry strain was created by grower and breeder DJ Short back in the 1970s. These magnificent marijuana mountain men hail from Denver, Colorado. Starts off all cerebral with a mixture of warm tingly fuzziness compounded with light pressure. This is a pretty decent strain, the high comes on after a few minutes, definitely a creeper. You can pick up an eighth of White OG for $35. This fast-acting strain delivers energizing, dreamy cerebral effects that have pushed Sour Diesel to its legendary status. This unique strain is a sativa dominant (80/20) hybrid that is the result of crossing Romulan which is an indica strain with an unnamed cross between Blackberry Kush and Bay 11. Also, this strain can perform well in the presence of oxygen but I do not feel that it is necessary for the strain to properly sour wort. Call 1-855-888-6452 now to get your authentic seeds in secure packaging delivered to your home now. The strain gave its name to a rap album by Doap Nixon, as well as a single by Dame Grease. THC is low to moderate at 12-17%. THC level: 14%. They were one of the first, and are by far, the best breeders in the business. Sour diesel strain is immensely popular throughout the world and provides very good therapeutic relief to severe, chronic pain and nausea. Type: Auto-flowering strain: Adverse effects: Sour Diesel marijuana is a strong Sativa but has few side effects in Jacky White brings to mind two of the most popular strains in the cannabis industry, Jack Herer and White Widow. Some even say it comes with a peppery, citrus scent as well. However, it actually acquires the sturdiness of its White Widow parent. Welcome to UptownGrowLab, Inc. 23%. We do not grow, sell, or distribute medical marijuana. If you enjoy Sour Diesel, Kush or OG strains, the scent of this strain will be heaven! It’s skunky, with a sharp cheese scent that follows right after. Sour Apple will not only keep you up and motivated, but makes you very creative thinking outside of the box. We allow you to buy sour diesel seeds and have them shipped to your door. With parents like these, you can already guess what this bud tastes like – sour, sour, and more sour! Beyond the citrus end of the pot palate spectrum lies a sour lemon tang tending toward the heavy pungency of an open drum of diesel. Buy this Mostly Sativa strain with Very High (over 20%) THC levels and Low (0-1%) CBD. white sour strain review

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